What you will need:
1. UCR webmail address. Instructions on how to obtain your webmail address can be found at http://cnc.ucr.edu/iguide/#permpin.
2. If you were not a registered student during the Fall, Winter, or Spring quarter immediately prior to your expected graduation, you must also file an Application for Readmission with the College office. Instructions on obtaining the Readmission Application can be found at http://registrar.ucr.edu/registrar/registering-for-classes/cancellation-withdrawal-absence-readmission.html.
3. Your UCR student ID number (not the social security number). Instructions on obtaining the ID number can be found at http://cnc.ucr.edu/iguide/.
4. Information for the commencement ceremony can be found at http://www.commencement.ucr.edu/.
5. If degree requirements are not completed by the end of the term for which you have applied, a new application must be submitted. For deadline dates see the UCR on-line Schedule of Classes at http://registrar.ucr.edu/registrar/guide-to-graduation/graduation-application-deadlines.html.

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