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Facility Name: HMNSS1500

Classroom style seating. Screen, projector, Windows computer and sound system available. Contact Tori Wurm at 951.827.2683 for different set-up configurations. RESERVED FOR CHASS FACULTY AND STAFF. Use for academic classes is not permitted.

Maximum Capacity: 48

Minimum Reservation Length: 1 hour

Usage Agreement:

 Any CHASS Faculty/Staff may submit a request to reserve a CHASS Facility Space. Facility Space may be reserved for ongoing or one-time events.

 Completed requests must be submitted at no less than (1) week prior to the event date. If it is less than (1) week prior, please contact Tori Wurm at 951.233.6626 to check availability.

 All requests are subject to review and approval by the CHASS Facilities Conference and Events Coordinator and/or the Director of CHASS Facilities.

 An email will be sent confirming the availability and approval of the requested facility space.

 An email will be sent (1) week prior to event confirming details for event.


 The CHASS Faculty/Staff member who requested the space will be the point of contact throughout the event process and must be at the event.

 Events cannot begin set-up earlier than 7:30am and must not end later than 9:30pm.

 There must be at least a 60 minute break between events using the same space.

 Event attendance cannot exceed maximum capacity. Event will be immediately shut down if maximum capacity is exceeded.

 Locking/Unlocking of doors is the responsibility of CHASS Facilities Management Staff (CFM). Unless otherwise agreed upon prior to event.

 The Requestor is responsible for providing attendees with Wi-Fi guest logins and passwords if needed.

 Do NOT drag tables or chairs across the floor. Do NOT sit or stand on tables.

 NO confetti, rice, birdseed, glitter or similar items may be thrown or used inside CHASS facility spaces.

 ONLY painter's tape may be used on CHASS facility walls inside and outside. Unapproved tape will be removed.

 Serving alcohol must be approved by CHASS Facilities Conference and Events Coordinator and/or the Director of CHASS Facilities.

 Smoking is NOT allowed inside or outside of any University facility.


 Set-up changes made less than 48 hours prior to event date are subject to approval.

 Renters' are responsible for cleaning up their space, taking or disposing of leftover food and food items.

 CFM is responsible for removing trash at the end of the event.

 In the event of damage or excessive clean-up, Renter will need to provide a FAU that will be charged.


 CHASS Facilities' tables, furnishing or other equipment are not to be removed from CHASS Facility Spaces.

 CFM can provide usage of computers, laptop (if available), adapters and presenter clickers; items are not to be removed from CHASS Facility Spaces. In the event of damage or missing equipment, Renter will need to purchase a new replacement.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations can be made at any time prior to event through the Reservation System website under the ‘View/Change Reservation Request’ tab or by contacting Tori Wurm. In the event cancellation occurs day of event, please contact by email, call or text Tori Wurm at 951.233.6626. If there are no people in rented space within 10 minutes after reserved start time, CFM will assume the event is canceled and the doors will be locked.